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Gary Martinez(non-registered)
Rourke--Keep listening--and honoring, that "spirit that flows through all things. " When you do, we all benefit. These images are a testament to that truth. With deepest gratitude and appreciation, Gary
Becky Clifton(non-registered)
What amazing photography ! So proud to have you as part of my family !
Dick Nelson(non-registered)
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George Nihipali(non-registered)
Kinda takes your breath away. Great work Rourke. Love what you have done. Some of us dream about these things but you are truly experiencing them. Envious? Totally. Keep posting.
Brent Nye(non-registered)
Great site & photos Rourke! Thanks for sharing.
Steve Lucero(non-registered)
Wonderful photography Rourke!
I've only had the pleasure to visit some of these locations and it takes me back!
Anya Byers(non-registered)
I was so pleased to hear that you have a website to showcase your incredible photos. They allow us to live vicariously and connect to the many beautiful places you've spent time. Congratulations and hope you're doing well!
Babak Dowlatshahi(non-registered)
Congratulations. Terrific photography and a gret collection of images. You should be very proud of your success.
Elaine McDermott
Your beautiful work makes me feel proud. I would love to be where you have been, so many stunning views. I am so happy I can experience them through your pictures.
Jeffrey Bold(non-registered)
nice work Rourke, absolutely stunning!
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