Rourke McDermott

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Welcome! I believe that there is an energy, a spirit that flows through all things and connects all things. I feel closest to this spirit when I slowly move through nature and respectfully wander across our beautiful Earth. These photographs are a visual journal of my wanderings. I hope my photographs will inspire you to get out into nature and witness this beautiful energy and spirit for yourself. Lets all become more aware of our actions, choices, and thoughts, and manifest a world of beauty, harmony, empowerment, freedom, and compassion. Enjoy!

All profits made from photograph sales go to the nonprofit Earth Living Skills School, an outdoor nature-based, multi-sensory, interactive, hands-on, self-actualization school.

I want to express thanks and gratitude to my mother, father, brothers, sisters and my wonderful and amazing wife and sons, this website would not have been possible without their support and love.